Sunday, May 8th – 8:00 am

The race starts on St John St between McLeod Ave and Scully St. Participants run down St John St. and turn left onto Queen St, follow Queen St to St Anne’s Point Dr, turn right on St Anne’s Point Dr. The course stays on the right side of St Anne’s Point Dr. and then heads up the on-ramp to Westmorland St. Bridge. Participants will cross over the Westmorland St Bridge and take the second exit onto Union St Participants will follow Union St to Friel St, turn left onto Friel St and run to the trail system where they will turn right onto the Northside Trail.

The course continues to the Nashwaak Trail (crossing McKeen St, Jaffrey St, Cliff St, Hughes St, Clark St, Neill St, Pine St, Gill St, and Gibson St) where at Barker St, participants turn left along the Nashwaak Trail up to the turnaround point just past Canada St. Participants follow the Nashwaak Trail back to the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, crossing the bridge onto the Lincoln Trail crossing George St and Charlotte St, to turn right at Aberdeen St. Participants run down Aberdeen St to the finish line at Queen Square Park.

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