Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be continuously updated as race weekend approaches.

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers about the Fredericton Marathon. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, or elsewhere on this website, click this link to send an email.

Q1. Can I register for an event on race morning?
A. No. There will be no registration the morning of the race. You can register on-line HERE, or in-person at the Delta Hotels by Marriott™ Fredericton as follows:

  • Friday, May 6, 2022 – 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday, May 7, 2022 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Q2. When and where will the Youth Fun Run take place?
A. Registration for the Youth Fun Run can be done through Race Roster. The 1 km run starts at 2:00 pm at Queen Square Park.

Q3. What is the cost of the Youth Fun Run?
A. The Youth Fun Run is $3.50 per participant.

Q4. Will there be participation awards?
A. Participation medals will be awarded to all participants.

Q5. Will there be t-shirts for the children?
A. There will be shirts for all registered participants.

Q6. Can Mom and/or Dad run with their child?
A. No. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, participants will be required to run the 1 km on their own.

Q7. Will there be snacks available after the Youth Fun Run?
A. Yes. Nutritional snacks and refreshments will be provided after the run.

RACE WEEKEND (May 6th – May 8th)

Q8. Will there be a secure bag check location at the race site?
A. Yes. A secure area will be available in the Pool Building at Queen Square Park. Special bags will be provided at the Race Kit Pick-up. Attach the tear off section of your race bib to the bag when checking it.

Q9. What are my responsibilities for knowing the course?
A. Runners are always responsible for knowing the course they are running. Please check out the course maps for more details.

There will also be large display maps at Race Kit Pick-up and Registration on Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th, 2022 at the Delta Hotels by Marriott™ Fredericton. Volunteers will be on hand to help you with any course-related questions at that time.

Q10. Will there be cyclists leading each event?
A. Yes. Cyclists will lead each event.

Q11. Where does the race start and finish?
A. Depending upon this distance, the start and finish lines will be at Queen Square Park.

Q12. Should I line up at the start line according to my expected finish time?
A. Yes. Picking an appropriate starting location (slower runners and walkers should line up further back in the starting group, for example) is especially important to keep race traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

This is for your benefit and the benefit of all other runners.

Q13. Will there be an early start for slower marathoners?
A. No. All marathon runners will start at 8:00 am and the course will close at 2:00 pm (6-hour race time limit).

Q14. Where are the hydration stops on the course?
A. Please refer to the course maps for water stop locations. Water and lemon-lime Gatorade will be available.

Q15. Can I have my special drink or food along the course?
A. Yes. You will have to manage this yourself, however. This will not be provided by the volunteers along the course.

Q16. Will there be gel packs available for full marathoners, and if so, where?
A. Yes. Gels will be available for marathoners on the 2nd loop at the hydration stop near the 32 and 39 km marks.

Q17. Will there be medical assistance available on the course?
A. Yes. There will be mobile first aid along the course.

Q18. Can I have family and friends along the course to assist me with water, gels, extra clothing, etc.?
A. Yes. This kind of assistance is encouraged. It’s always great to see a familiar face along the course!

You should scout out appropriate locations to meet up ahead of time. Parking may be an issue in some locations and Covid-19 regulations must be followed.

Q19. Will there be pace runners for any of the distances?

Q20. Can I have someone pace me during the race?
A. Yes. Provided this person is also a registered participant in the same discipline and may require being in your “bubble.”

Q21. Where do I wear my race chip?
A. Our race uses the B-tag system. The B-tag (not chip) will come pre-attached to your race bib. Your bib must be worn on your front and must be completely exposed for the tag to work.

Q22. How should I wear my race bib?
A. The bib should always be worn on your front and clearly visible, so your finish time is recorded properly.

Your bib number is your identification.

Q23. When should I be at the Start line for my event?
A. You should plan to be at the race site about approximately 30 minutes before your event begins. This will ensure time to find parking, check your bag, use the washroom, get in line for your staggered start, etc.

Q24. What is proper race etiquette on the narrow trail system?
A. You should always run on the right side of the trail!

This ensures that:

  • runners behind you can pass on your left
  • approaching runners on their return leg can get by without having to dodge and weave around people

Please DO NOT run in such a way as to block the trail.

Q25. Can I use the Nordic walking poles in the walking event?
A. Yes. Poles are allowed, but we simply ask that you exercise extreme caution for the safety of those around you and walk single file on the trail.

Q26. Will there be vehicle traffic along the route?
A. At certain times, there will be vehicle traffic along some portions of the route. Course marshals will be on hand to direct traffic and ensure your safe crossing. It’s your responsibility to be cautious of vehicles, bicycles, and the public along the course.

Q27. Can I run with my dog in this event?
A. No! For safety reasons, dogs are not permitted on the race course.

Q28. Will there be toilet facilities available along the course?
A. Yes. There will be several portable porta potties strategically placed along the course. Check the course map before starting the race.

Q29. Can I push a jog or walking stroller in the race?
A. No! For safety reasons due to the narrow trail, jog or walking strollers will not be allowed on the course.

Participants spotted with a stroller will be disqualified and immediately removed from the course.

Q30. Can I wear my ear buds during the race?
A. Not recommended. Your safety and that of others is paramount. Should you choose to run with ear buds, we recommend using only ONE ear bud so you can hear instructions from course marshals, fellow runners and volunteers.

Q31. Can I wear noise cancelling headphones?
A. No! Noise cancelling headphones are banned from our event. You must be able to hear instructions from course marshals, fellow runners and volunteer.

Q32. Will there be childcare services during the various races?
A. No. There will be no childcare services during any of the races.

Q33. Will my friends and family be able to greet me at the finish?
A. Yes. Friends and family are welcome to greet you in the finish area, but not in the finish zone. The finish zone is for participants only.

Q34. Will there be a good sitting area available at the finish area for spectators?
A. Yes. There will be bleachers available at the finish area for your family and friends’ viewing pleasure at Queen Square Park.

Q35. When and where will the awards be presented?
A. Awards can be picked up at a designated table at the race site as results become available (generally within a half an hour of finishing your distance).

Q36. Can I get my medal or prize if I’m not able to stay for the award presentations?
A. It is our policy not to mail out awards or prizes. However, you or someone you know can contact us and arrange for a pick-up at a later date.

Q37. Will there be a lost and found service for lost or discarded items after the race?
A. If you contact us a day or two after the race, we may still have some lost or discarded items.

Q38. Will my family be allowed to have post-race food and beverages, too?
A. No! In order to ensure that we have enough food for all registered participants, we are not able to provide food or drinks for spectators.

Q39. Where can I have a shower after the race?
A. No. There will be no showers available due to Covid-19 regulations.

Q40. Where will results be posted after the race?
A. Race results are posted periodically on site. Results are also available at Atlantic Chip.

Q41. Will there be medical assistance available in the finish area?
A. Yes. there will be qualified first aid personnel at the finish line.

Q42. Will there be massages available in the finish area?
A. This will be determined closer to race day due to Covid-19

Q43. How will I be able to identify a race official if I need information or help?
A. Race officials will be wearing lime green shirts with Race Crew on the back. They will be able to answer your questions or send you to the proper person for the answer and will be available at all the races.

Q44. Where should I park my vehicle on race days?
A. From Queen Square Park, there are several parking areas at the University of New Brunswick, on University Avenue, Lady Beaverbrook Rink and Sobeys Regent Street.

Please DO NOT park on any of the streets surrounding Queen Square or any streets that are part of the race course. See the course map for clarification.

Q45. Tell me why am I doing this race, again?
A. Because you love to run!!

Thank you for participating in the Stewart McKelvey Fredericton Marathon Race Weekend and helping to make it a success!

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