Fredericton Marathon Policies

Effective January 10, 2022, the Fredericton Marathon is implementing the following policies:

  • NO Refunds Policy
  • Deferral and Transfer Policy
  • NO Race Day Kit Pickup
  • Children and Youth Road Racing

The Fredericton Marathon organizing committee encourages all participants to read our policies, which will come into effect for the 44th annual Stewart McKelvey Fredericton Marathon Race Weekend May 6-8, 2022.

NO refunds

Simple. We don’t offer refunds.

Deferrals and Transfers

In lieu of our NO refund policy, registered participants can now defer or transfer their registration. Registrations may be transferred to another event or to another runner. If a participant needs to transfer their registration, the individual may change the event(s) that they are currently registered for (e.g. from half marathon to 10K), or if they would like to transfer registration to another individual, this can be done through Race Roster. If a participant switches to a more expensive event, the runner will be required to pay the difference. No refund will be issued if the participant switches to a lower priced event(s).

If a participant wants to defer their registration, a deferral is good for the following year ONLY and cannot be transferred to another runner. However, there is a cost to defer because as a non-profit group, we must find a way to recover out-of-pocket costs, including ordering items for each runner in two separate years. Any runner found swapping their bib number without having properly transferred their registration will not be allowed to run in this event and will be banned from all future races. Bib number swapping can cause medical problems on race day.

No Race Day Kit Pickup

All race kits must be picked up prior to your event at the available times posted on our website. NO race kits will be available on site on race days. If you cannot make it to the race kit pickup availability, you may authorize another participant to pick up your kit.


The Fredericton Marathon applies Athletics Canada’s guidelines for the inclusion of children and youth in our road race distances.

Maximum Distance3k5k5k8k8k10k10k21.1k21.1k42.2k
* Guidelines for the inclusion of Children and Youth in Road Races – Athletics Canada
Distance Recommendation 2014-01-15
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